Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Fantasy Girlfriend - Vanna Bonta

I first stumbled across the remarkable Ms Bonta via a quotations website about a year ago (she furnished a 'bon mot of the week' last February), but somehow didn't get around to elevating her to Fantasy Girlfriend status back then.

She is quite the renaissance woman! Encouraged by her grandfather, the celebrated Italian writer Luigi Ugolini, she began writing as a child, and had a first collection of poetry published when she was barely 14; a short story of hers was taken up by Gene Roddenberry and turned into an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation; and she's written a successful sci-fi novel, Flight, an innovative, genre-defying piece she describes as 'quantum fiction'.

She started out (a surprisingly long time ago; she's past 50 now, but still looking very fine) in a career as a model and actress (best remembered for a cameo role as the hero's mother in cult fantasy romp The Beastmaster), but soon withdrew from public view to specialise as a voiceover artist instead. She was - allegedly - the model for the lissom female figures in Frederick Hart's 'Ex Nihilo' series of bas-relief sculptures at the Washington National Cathedral. From time to time, she comes up with some very good lines in her writing, and in her conversation. She plays the piano acceptably as well. And she has the most stunning blue eyes.

As if this were not enough, she's also made a name for herself in recent years as an advocate of sex in space, and to facilitate this has designed the 2suit - which uses the miracle of velcro to allow two people to get, and remain intimate in low-gravity environments.

And she's created this music video celebrating the human conquest of gravity.

And did I mention she has the most amazing eyes?


JES said...

Again, I'll be back later for more (overslept this morning, just popping in before getting ready for work). But given the quantum-fiction thing, which I read about at her publisher's Web site, I thought you might find Blogger's "nonsense" word-verification thing amusing: factords.

(Amazing eyes are hard to ignore, aren't they? I don't know that I buy the whole windows-of-the-soul thing, but it's often tempting to get lost in them. Windows pass light in both directions, generally, and there may be something about their usefulness as poor-man's mirrors involved, too.)

Froog said...

Well, I'm flattered that I'm one of your first ports of call for the week, even when you're running late, JES.

It sounds as though you have a post or two brewing about eyes.

JES said...

Posting about eyes: well, that'd be tricky. The Missus isn't really the jealous type, but whenever I admit to finding some element of classic beauty really attractive, I must be discreet -- or agree to interrogation. Heh.

I'm trying, and failing, to conjure up an image of a publicity photo of my own even vaguely in the neighborhood of the second ("Vanna writing") photo. For one thing, I haven't worn pearls in, like, years...

Kidding, but you knew that. Ms. Bonta's a worthy addition to your catalogue!