Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've got a little black book with my poems in

A post title that stands on its own for anyone who gets the reference.
When it's 1.30 in the morning and you're drinking the good whisky and listening to The Wall, things aren't usually very good.  I have had it up to here with police state China.  And there's probably another fortnight of this shit to put up with. If we're lucky.
At least we're getting comfortably numb.  But gosh, isn't that an apposite metaphor for most of the new Chinese middle class?


JES said...

Comfortably numb, maybe. But at least somebody's home.

Froog said...

I really shouldn't drink and post. I had completely forgotten I'd written this - but then The Weeble complimented me on it, and I started getting fragmentary flashbacks.