Saturday, September 26, 2009

The bad guys are WINNING??

I've just spent an hour pootling around the Net trying to find proxy server addresses that might still work in China.  I've tried half a dozen of them, and can't get any of them to work.
All the standard web-based proxies - even the less well-known ones previously overlooked by the Kafka Boys - have been stomped on this week.  Every single one of them.
And I hear that even subscription VPN services appear to be having problems now.  These bastards have found a way to crack encryption?!  It's scary how good this censorship technology appears to be getting.  And how thoroughgoing the current crackdown is.
The Forces of Darkness appear to be ahead of the game at the moment.  But I'm sure this can't last for long.  Armies of hackers must be toiling away at the problem at this very moment, and I trust that within a few days a new censor-proof proxy solution for China will emerge.  I bloody well hope so, anyway.  I'm getting mighty pissed off with this.
[I'm trying to persuade The Weeble - the only one of my friends with any tech savvy at all - to shop around the available VPNs to see if any of them are still China-censor-proof.  The one he uses apparently isn't, or only very intermittently so - but he's only using the cheapest version which has acknowledged vulnerabilities.  I think we may just have to accept that we're going to have to shell out a little bit more to get our Internet back.]
Any recommendations from readers would be most welcome.


Mike said...

I've had no problems with Witopia, other than their price increase (US$69/yr.) On the rare occasion that I am blocked, I just log off and back on. I'm not sure Beijing would be tolerable without my net!

Froog said...

I guess I'm probably going to go for that option, Mike. Alas, I have no credit card any more, so I'll have to "phone a friend".