Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More adventures in Chinese condoms

A new series of local condoms that caught my eye the other day seems to have names themed on heat. Well, heat or the lack of it.

One of them was, if I recall correctly, 'Fire & Ice'. Hmm - neither of these to be applied too closely to latex, I think.

Another was - I kid you not - 'Thermal'. Thick, woolly ones? Popular in the icy north in winter??

Ah, and a few more.

The Strong Man brand, I notice, has a variety called Passion Fine. (Is that an on-the-spot cash penalty for giving in to passion??)

Another new brand (well, new to me - there does seem to have been a sudden outbreak of diversity in the market) was, I thought at first, called 'Atlantis'.... but it turns out it's Alanis. (I wonder if Ms Morisette is getting royalties.)

And how could I have omitted thus far to mention Gobon? That reminds me of a song.

Oh, and SixSex! (As in "Nothing succeeds like.....?")

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