Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Censorship was never so SEXY!

One of the high points of the unfolding Green Dam fiasco this past couple of weeks has been the emergence of GREEN DAM GIRL - the sexy jack-booted cyberpolice manga babe who has been created by Chinese Net hipsters as a mocking emblem of the doomed kafkaware filtering package that the Chinese government is trying to foist upon all Chinese computer purchasers from next month. More pictures here (the one of her pulling down the knickers of an equally nubile 'Windows XP Girl' is particularly saucy... and a particularly apt piece of satire!).

[The bunny ears are a reference to the cuddly rabbit which is the software's official logo. And the insignia on her uniform is meant to be a 'river crab' - you remember how that's a pun on 'harmony', right?]

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