Monday, March 09, 2009

Chinese people LOVE me! (25)

"Chinese people love me because.... I am so 'strong'."

By which they mean that I am surprisingly hardy when it comes to enduring cold weather.

I think of it more as not being a complete wuss.

Yes, I went out to do my weekly shopping today wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. And every single Chinese person I passed on the street gawped at me in open-mouthed dismay. Most of them were still wearing their winter coats.

We are finally on the cusp of spring here. The last of the ice on the lakes has melted in the past couple of days. Yesterday, the temperature by the middle of the afternoon was pushing up towards 70°F. Today was admittedly much nippier, especially by late afternoon when I went on my shopping trip, and with occasional sharp gusts of breeze out of the north-east; but it was still in the high 50's or low 60's, I would say - perfectly tolerable shirtsleeve weather.

The Chinese, however, like many peoples who are used to very hot summers (the Greeks, anyway, are much the same), are extremely nervous of "catching a cold" and will continue to wear jackets and sweaters until the temperature is consistently hitting 75° or 80°F.

So, for the next month or so I will continue to astound and amaze my Chinese neighbours by going out so under-dressed.


FionaJane said...

60F is not shirtsleeves weather. You are officially bonkers - although I fear Mr N might be inclined to your way of thinking. I'm one of the 'cold when it's 70 degrees out' brigade. (spot the quote... bearing in mind that I haven't checked it, so it might not actually be a quote)

Froog said...

Well, girls are generally less hardy than boys about this. And London has a nasty damp penetrating cold, with the wind off the river. 60 degrees with brilliant sunshine and not much wind is pretty pleasant.

I don't recognise any quote in there. Are you trying to Bridget Jones me, FJ>

Anonymous said...

60 degrees is not only short sleevess weather but also shorts weather!

Our friends would tell us that there are actual dates that stipulate when they should wear short sleeves, and when they should start wearing long sleeves and long underwear, no matter what the weather was.

I just found that completely bonkers.

FionaJane said...

I was aiming for a bit of the rant at the end of When Harry Met Sally (I think one of the things he says when he gatecrashes the New Year's party is something along the lines of 'I love it that you're cold when it's 70 degrees out'), but may have misfired. I can actually manage to be cold until it gets well into the 80s. Depends on what mood I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I went out in my natty tweed jacket today and have yet to present symptoms of hypothermia. But then, I'm one of those reckless -- nay, suicidal -- types who's always drinking cold beverages (I know), eating tangerines, and going hatless. It's amazing I made it into my twenties.

Froog said...

Tangerines? I didn't know tangerines were bad. How come they sell so many of them? Do they just play boules with them??

Anonymous said...

Tangerines are to be enjoyed in moderation only because, like lychees and all other enjoyable foods, they cause an increase in internal heat.