Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Review of the Year - Moonrat recommends....

Moonrat tells me that this post in which I named her as my 'Fantasy Girlfriend' for November was "my favorite post of the year by far". Women are so easily manipulated by flattery!

I hope she was only joking about that. I don't like to think of her as being such a shallow narcissist! Anyway, it doesn't seem quite right to allow her to nominate a eulogy of herself as 'post of the year'. Fortunately, she also admits to being a huge fan of my 'Daily Llama (or not)' series of frivolous photo posts - and in particular of this one.

[Please note: the 'Daily Llama' series was conceived as an oblique protest against the fact that it is impossible to mention a certain Tibetan spiritual leader by name without bringing down the heavy hand of the Chinese government censors upon one's poor little blog. So, please, don't mention you-know-who openly in the comments.]

A wiggy Daily Llama

first posted on 5th July

Even a llama can have a bad hair day, it would seem. This fellow is called Cletus.

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