Thursday, May 08, 2008

This week in the studio.....

Oh, we've had some corkers this week. I should have been writing them down. Some of the best escape me now.

"I like P.E. best. We can play with each other freely."

I think that was my favourite.

There was also a recurring male high school student character in one of the scripts who was always being asked by girls for his opinions on their clothes; and, when questioned on his own taste, repeatedly expressed a preference for pink (over blue, grey, etc.). I found myself irresistibly slipping into making his voice more and more camp.

"You belong to Capricorn. Capricorns often have a good sense of humour." Unlike any of the other star signs?? Live and learn.

We've also had people buying tickets from New York to London by train. (And no, it wasn't supposed to be London, Ontario.) And a suggestion that Man first landed on the Moon in 1961 (perhaps it was the Chinese, and they just kept it to themselves?).

And there was one unfortunate sexual innuendo which almost caused me to wet myself...... but, alas, I am completely blanking on it now. Perhaps it is my natural prudery subscionsciously seeking to protect my delicate readers.

The most controversial moment of the week was a passage on fashion advice which just oozed racism (and was, I think, complete bollocks even in terms of fashion colour-matching anyway). My partner DD was incensed, and refused to read it as it was, instead improvising heavy re-writes: "If you're lucky enough to have brown skin, you might not want to make it look darker by wearing light colours. If you have black skin - which is a very good thing, by the way - you can show it off well by wearing bright colours." And so on. Can you imagine what the original was like?

Way to go, Debs! Of course, we'll probably never get hired again.......

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