Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eagle eyes!

I was walking down the street with Leah one evening a few days ago when she suddenly said, "They've got La Strada in that shop."

I was dazed and confused. "What shop? Where? What are you talking about?"

I hadn't bothered to pay any attention to the shop we'd just walked past because I had believed (oh, foolish error!) that it was only a CD shop (and thus probably contaminated with a glut of saccharine Mando-pop).

But in fact, they have a wide selection of DVDs as well. And La Strada was prominently on display at the near end of one of the half-filled shelves.

Nevertheless, Leah deserves much credit for her sharp eyes in spotting it at some distance, and while we were moving briskly along. Credit also for remembering - from a passing reference I made on here a few weeks ago - that this was a title I had long particularly craved. Credit, and much thanks.

However, it was a potentially damaging discovery for me. This place was an Aladdin's Cave of rare old classics, and I found myself indulging in a major splurge (my first DVD-buying frenzy in several months: I was pretty restrained in Harbin - more because of shortage of funds than self-discipline). I ended up nearly emptying my wallet, and buying 25 or 30 disks - including such greats as Seven Samurai, Night Of The Hunter, and Pepe Le Moko. Ah, bliss.

And this place is dangerously close to where I live. I am going to have to exercise considerable self-restraint. Only one trip a month. Well, maybe two. 200 kuai spending limit each time. Or perhaps 300..... Steady, steady. I can do it.


argonox said...

Heh. That was pretty sharp of me, wasn't it?

Does it make me an angel (for delivering) or a devil (for tempting)? Oh, I suppose it's a complicated mixture of the two...


Froog said...

I like moral ambivalence.

But on balance, "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints."

Tulsa said...

I love that laugh, L :)

the shop sounds cool... where can it be found?