Friday, February 01, 2008

Traffic Report - blog stats for January '08

56 posts on Froogville last month, and nearly 16,500 words.

Barstool Blues was again hard on its heels, largely thanks to the major series of posts on 'Dating in Beijing' last week: only 40 posts but getting on for 16,000 words.

The comment community is diversifying a little, as I have attracted a number of Moonrat's Minions over here in the last month or so (although they usually seem to be frightened off by the craziness after a single visit!) and have also goaded old, old Oxford drinking buddies The Bookseller, Mothman, and Little Anthony out of their long hibernations. My 'competition' challenge to find the funniest name for your fantasy rock group also seems to have enticed in a few passing strangers. Perhaps this will be the year I finally make it 'big' in Blogland.

"I've always been big! It's the Internet that's small!"

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