Sunday, January 20, 2008

A very long Christmas

Sometimes delayed seasonal wishes can be a nice surprise, as was the case the other night; but there has been a mysterious late flurry of Christmas cards for me this week. Well, two. Does two count as a flurry? Whatever.

My thanks to The Younger Dr P and to Mr & Mrs Jim-Bob - but I wonder why their greetings arrived so late. There was no visible postmark on the envelopes, but these are not the kind of people who would leave it until the beginning of January to get around to mailing Christmas cards (well..... not the Jim-Bobs, anyway).

Is this simply further incompetence from my bao'an (the skinny teenage security guards who handle the mail and - ostensibly - prevent undesirables from gaining access to my apartment building)? They do sometimes just sit on letters for a week or two. Or more.

Or is it, I wonder (here comes the paranoia again!), more calculated interference - censorship? - from the government? It could be. This is China.

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