Saturday, January 19, 2008

Grocery shopping blues

I'm sure I must have mentioned before (ah yes - for example, here) what a challenging chore shopping can be in China.

In particular, it's rather annoying when brands you've becomed attached to suddenly become 'temporarily unavailable' or permanently discontinued. Oh, sure, this happens everywhere else too. Just not as frequently as it does in China.

I just went to my local supermarket for the weekly shop and was dismayed by the following absences: my favourite brand of bacon, my favourite brand of roasted peanuts, the only palatable brand of bread, the only brand of margarine.

To be deprived of one or two of the key items on your shopping list is par for the course. But four?! My feelings are straying beyond inconvenienced towards persecuted.


Anonymous said...

hey, i feel yah. 4 missing regulars is tuff.

remember we were talking the other day about this and you mentioned packing your suitcase with some necessities when you return from UK. Well, I think I just ran out of my 'regular' hair conditioner... and after a trip to the local toiletries shop... I'm thinking my hair might go unconditioned till my next trip home.

what a pain.

Froog said...

I promise not to 'notice'.

Don't they have some decent hair products in Jenny Lou's?