Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A sign I knew I was about to get fired (?)

I had thought I had left a pile of business cards on my desk when I got canned last month - including the ones from the big new clients I'd just met. And, of course, my desk was cleared - comprehensively - before I was able to set foot in the office again. Slightly galling, since I had been hoping to approach these guys about the possibility of working for them directly (although I was able to find most of the info I wanted about them on the Internet).

But you know what? I discovered last week that I'd put all these business cards in my jacket pocket and brought them home with me straight away. Odd that I had forgotten this. Odder still that I had done it! I suppose subconsciously somehow I suspected that the axe was about to fall. There had, of course, been all sorts of ominous signs over the preceding couple of months, but since my last review with my manager seemed to have gone swimmingly and since I'd got up to the 6-month mark without any mention of dissatisfaction (let alone notice being given!), I had just started to think that I was SAFE..... and it came as an ugly surprise.

But perhaps nothing is ever a complete surprise if you're as hyper-observant (my new euphemism for 'paranoid') as I am.....

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Tulsa said...

ooh, contacts.

does this mean it's back to brushing up the resume and rephrasing the cover letter for you?

Good Luck!!