Monday, January 21, 2008

I WANT this book!

I wonder if my pal, the Life Coach, has a copy - it looks like the kind of thing she would use in her work.

This is from a list of 11 Weird Book Titles from the English newspaper, The Daily Mail. Don't ask me how I found it - I'm not sure I can remember (it certainly can't be located from the Mail's not-very-searchable homepage). Definitely worth checking out!

I think Walled Up Nuns is my favourite. Another possible band name contender? Oh yes, I think so!


moonrat said...

oh gosh. we have some true doozies on our backlist. i only wish i could share.

Tulsa said...

I met a delightful British gentleman on Saturday who explained to me that the Brits are masters of the art of looking busy whilst being not at all busy. Seems suiting that a book entitled "How to Avoid Work" should come out of the U.K., then.

Until Saturday, I had no idea the Brits did this particularly better than any other nationality.

And Walled Up Nuns sounds like a perfect Chinese Rock Band name.

I'm trying to check out the other titles, but the page is still loading after 5 minutes... all your readers logging up the system?

Anonymous said...

Earthling wants this book as well. I have to read it and hopefully it has something real, possible and new in it!!