Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Moonrat Challenge

And while we're on the subject of competitions.....

Moonrat has created a competition for the literarily-inclined on her blog - in fact, a dual competition: either to write jacket blurb for an intended book or an amusing sonnet. She has also provided helpful discussion and illustration of the requirements of the book blurb task here and here.

Alas, she set rather a tough deadline - by the end of this week - which I fear will frustrate many of us (well, me).

Not that I have too much else to do with my time at the moment, of course. Perhaps I'll spend the rest of the day reading every sonnet I can find - to try to programme the form into my resistant brain.

You should all give it a try as well. Go on.


Lisa said...

I was hoping to see a submission from you!

Thanks for stopping at my place earlier and thanks for the Alain de Botton recommendation. My husband is reading and enjoying "On Love" now and I've got "How Proust Can Change Your Life" waiting to pop up on the stack (I think I'll cheat and read it after I finish what I'm reading now).

Now I'm off to fight for truth, justice and the -- er, nevermind.

Froog said...

Well, maybe. I've done a (slightly trashy) book blurb - without having even a glimmer of a book to go with it.

I'm stymied by the sonnet at the moment; but there is still time.

moonrat said...

yes yes; jia you.