Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More fun over on The Barstool

I am concerned that y'all are neglecting the 'black sheep' of my little blogging family, the ever-so-slightly disreputable Round-The-World Barstool Blues. Please don't. There is some very good stuff on there from time to time.

For instance, at the end of last week I posted two sublime music videos, of Chet Baker and Suzanne Vega, which no-one seems to have looked at yet. Go on, make the time - you won't regret it.

I also commend you (once again) to my Possible Band Names game, which is taking off quite nicely now. This week we've had excellent batches of entries from The Bookseller and Gary. I was inspired by these two guys to contribute some more suggestions myself, and this has led to an additional competition: this latest list of mine is inspired by quotations from favourite films - if you can identify them all, I'll give you a prize of some sort. Yay for audience participation!

I have also just begun the mammoth task, set for me by Tulsa, of analysing Beijing's dating scene - 1st major post on that today, one or two more to follow shortly. The Barstool seemed the more appropriate venue for these posts, since that is where I mostly discuss going out, and 'Love, etc'. I hope to provoke some vigorous comment threads with this series!

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