Monday, December 31, 2007

Starry, starry night

We don't often look up at the sky here in Beijing.

There's not a lot of point, because usually it's obscured behind a curtain of toxic haze.

But tonight, on the way home from New Year revels, I looked up. And it is an unusually clear night. Just the lift to the spirits that we need at the beginning of the year.

"Oh my god, it's full of stars."


moonrat said...

zhu ni xinnian kuai le, my yingguo pengyou. hope it's a hen hao de.

Anonymous said...

It was like that on NYE here too and it was wonderful!!

Froog said...

Oh, hi Caren. I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope the new job's going well for you both.

Did you suffer the choking smog/fog in Christmas week? The last few days have been particularly pleasant in contrast to that.

I hope your New Year was lovely too, Moonrat - will we hear about it on the blog? Mine was kind of low-key, because almost all of my friends had left town - I still found ways to have fun, though.

Anonymous said...

I've been working on grad school applications.

Yes, we had the Christmas fog, too. It wasn't bad as last year's thank goodness, but still bad. Today is is the fifth day in a row where it's been smog/fog free. Dare I wish for a sixth?

NYE was low key, went to dinner and then hung out with some friends. I learned how to play mahjong and am now completely addicted.