Monday, November 19, 2007

Y not?

Leah organised a walking tour of a hutong district for a bunch of her students yesterday, and I tagged along. It was the first time in quite a while I'd been out with my camera, so I took full advantage of the brilliant winter sunshine to take dozens and dozens of shots of anything that caught my eye.

Like this curious sign. What is it? I really have no idea.


Froog said...

Come back, Earthling. Look - I posted a picture specially for you.

argonox said...

Nice shot! I missed the Y altogether (I was probably too busy trying to get my students to pay attention). You should upload your photos to a photo sharing site (like Photobucket or Picasa) so we can see the rest!

Froog said...

I will look into it.

I did have a bunch of photos on the old Yahoo Photos site, but they all got shifted over to Flickr (which I hate) a few months ago.

And I fear, with the sort of connection speeds I'm getting at the moment, it would take me a month of Sundays to upload all the stuff I shot last week.