Monday, October 08, 2007

Traffic Report - (very) belated blog stats for the last quarter

During the disruptions of the past few months I have been omitting to keep up my former monthly tallying of my blogging excesses. Here is the catch-up.

Back in July there were 39 posts here on Froogville, a total of just over 13,000 words. That's barely half the total of one of my peak months; but then, I quit posting half-way through the month when I went back to the UK on holiday.

In August there were 32 posts and around 9,900 words; but again I was completely inactive for almost half of the month.

In September there were 28 posts and 11,000 words. Once again, there was a complete suspension of blogging for nearly 2 weeks (I had in fact resolved to terminate both my blogs just after they hit their anniversaries - but was persuaded to relent and resume by the touching 'write-in' campaign!!!).

Throughout those three months my insanely hectic travelling schedule with my new job also made it difficult to maintain regular blogging habits (Chinese hotel rooms never seem to have any - or any functional - Internet connection). Things should be a little less crazy over the next few months..... although in general, I think these figures would be a more reasonable level of output to aim for (and a more reasonable demand to make of my readers!). We shall see.

As for the Barstool......

28 posts and 10,200 words in July; 22 posts and 7,700 words in August; 16 posts and 3,900 words in September. Hmmm, almost threatening to catch big brother Froogville up there for a while.... Last month, though, was a rather thin month on the Barstool. My expectation is that my 'drinking blog' will always be my secondary outlet, with probably only half to two-thirds the amount of verbiage that I put out on here.

I confess I have pretty much completely given up on paying any attention to a breakdown of the actual 'traffic' figures. There seems to have been very little change: we fairly regularly get 130 or so visits a week to Froogville and around 100 to the Barstool. One of the only notable events, really, has been Tulsa's slacking off as my lead commenter (one work crisis after another for the poor girl). This has been compensated for to some extent by the increasingly frequent visitations of the wonderful Moonrat (have you checked out her blog yet? Do! It's addictive.). We also for a while enjoyed some comments from my new Edinburgh drinking buddy 'WeasleyBurrow' - although she, alas, seems to have disappeared again. Now, I happen to know (because most of them are friends of mine who e-mail me from time to time about stuff I've written on here) that I actually have some dozens of occasional readers - but there's still only a handful of regular (or not-so-regular) commenters. Come on, guys (and gals), don't be so shy: leave your opinions on here.

So, those are the facts and figures. Make of them what you will.


moonrat said...

touching write-in campaign. heh heh heh. "bullying" would you say? or did you have another "nicer" word for it?

Froog said...

'Cajoling' at most. 'Begging', 'pleading', 'entreating'..... 'whining'....