Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Beginning of Time

Three weeks ago, I announced that my original intention - from the very outset of my blogging a year earlier - had been to wrap things up on September 17th. In passing, I cited the 'Mayan Calendar' (which apparently runs out on 20th December, 2012) as an example. My regular readership (we few, we happy few, we band of brothers.... well, sisters, for the most part) largely failed to notice this, or didn't take me seriously.... and were thus perplexed by my 'final' post.

However, after much rumination, I have decided to begin again.

After all, I think that's what the Mayans had in mind. I haven't been able to discover any apocalyptic myths associated with the end of their calendar. What happens on December 21st? Nothing. It's just the beginning of a new 5,025-year cycle, that's all.

Why would I begin again?

Well, I find it useful catharsis on occasion. And it's good practice for me, I think - good to be writing regularly, good to be writing something other than market reports and action plans and FYI e-mails.

I don't have any vanity about love and recognition (well, not much). It would be nice to acquire a bit more of a readership eventually, but it's not going to break me up inside if it doesn't happen. I am, however, very glad to have made some new friends through this blogging adventure - Tulsa, Leah, OMG, Moonrat. And I hope I may find a few more such in the months ahead. Perhaps I'll also make a few 'enemies' - but that's how it goes.

I just hope that in my two-week 'absence' I haven't been completely forsaken. I suppose I'll have to send out a few mass e-mailings saying, "Please come and read my blog again!" Oh dear.


moonrat said...

muwahahaahahah!! i knew you'd cave! if only for the good of humanity.

fg said...

I believed you would quit. You told us often enough and I liked the posting at 11.59pm touch.

I thought you might be ploughing your energies into those short stories (I think you mentioned them before) or that 'unstarted novel' instead.

It would be good for you but bad for the readership! Anyhow maybe you can still do it all?

Now I see why the pondering - Welcome back to the www.

omg said...

I also noticed the 11:59 thing, but since I had someone missed the original announcement (sorry, but I don't get to them all), I didn't make the connection. Anyway, point is, glad you're still around.