Saturday, August 25, 2007


Concluding my review of the week's comments - my buddy, The British Cowboy, was getting a little philsophical here the other day on the topic of the drudgery of work. (I rebuked him mildly; philosophy is my job.)

If we take 'pointlessness' as our topic, TBC, I think that - as so often - Mr Natural says it best.

For those of you who can't easily read the speech bubbles above (sorry I couldn't find a larger picture), the exchange is this:

Seeker after Truth: "What does it all mean, Mr Natural?"

Mr Natural: "Don't mean sheeit..."


The British Cowboy said...

You see, Froog, you call crankiness philosophy. I just call it crankiness.

Froog said...

You confuse style with content, Cowboy.

The message is only the message. It's the messenger who may be cranky.