Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What I don't like about my office

1) Neon strip lights.

2) The colleague at the next desk has THE WORLD'S NOISIEST KEYBOARD. Really. It has an action like an old-fashioned manual typewriter. And she does a lot of typing.

3) Neon strip lights.

4) Despite repeated promises, there is still no coffee machine.

5) Neon strip lights.

6) There is no functional air-conditioning in the lifts - so, even if I survive the 10-minute walk from the Subway without working up too much of a lather, the 60-second ride up to the 12th Floor usually has me breaking out in a muck-sweat.

7) Neon strip lights.

8) There are no decent food shops in the building. Searching for a decent, affordable lunch in the vicinity is becoming quite the Grail Quest.

9) Neon strip lights.

10) I am obliged to stay here until 6pm, even though I have no work to do.


Caren said...

Welcome home.

It seems I've a lot of catching up do do on your blog.

Froog said...

Shouldn't you be on honeymoon??

When are you back in China?

Tulsa said...

agh, the neon strip lights and non-ac elevators... double agh.j

i have too much work.

stopping by the Flat for 2 minutes prevents me from having a premature heart attack. I can feel the blood pressure going down as I type. I might just survive today.

The British Cowboy said...

6 p.m.? How do you survive?

moonrat said...

yeah, back in The Office. or the PWNGD (Place Where Nothing Gets Done).

just tagging back here per your book-to-movie comment... I want to repost what you said on my main blog because that is an EXCELLENT POINT. boo to hollywood (not that i don't lap up those movies myself). anyway. more to come.

welcome home indeed!

Tulsa said...

TBC? I don't understand your comment. It's 3am, now. I wrote that earlier comment mid-afternoon on my previous break of the day (it might have been 6pm).

actually, I might be feeling tired. so maybe your comment is obvious and I'm just not getting it. I'll check back in a few days after this deal closes and I've caught more than 3 hours of consecutive sleep. It might all make sense to me then.

Tulsa said...

Oooooh. never mind. I remember now. Froog is stuck in his office until "6pm"...

yah, i need to go to sleep before I make more silly commenting mistakes.

Froog, feel free to edit out my muddled meanderings.

The British Cowboy said...

No worries, Tulsa. I was just ribbing the poor wage slave about his hours at the salt mines.

Froog said...

My heart bleeds for you, Cowboy. You mine more salt, you get more pay - that's the deal.

My complaint was not about the hours, but about the pointlessness of it. I do occasionally stay well beyond 6pm - quite happily - when there's actually something to do. But a lot of the time there's not, and I'm just clock-watching. I hate that.

The British Cowboy said...

Ah, my dear Froog, that assumes there is ever a point to any of it, something to do or not.

Froog said...

Oi, Cowboy, I do the cod-Zen navel-gazing philosophy around here.

You're supposed to be more the 'Man on the Clapham omnibus', slightly belligerent voice of common sense.

Caren said...

We're postponing our honeymoon until next summer, when we hope to go to Tibet. But we'll be going to Xi'an (hopefully) over National holiday, for a mini-honeymoon.

We're flying out on August 28th, arriving on August 30th.