Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Second Door

A strange day for me.

I appear to have been offered that job I was agonising about at the end of last week.

I appear to have accepted the offer.

I still can't quite believe that I have done so.

I suppose, under my 'Three Doors' system described yesterday, this would be a 'Second Door' choice. It's quite a big change for me, but not The World Turned Upside Down. (It just feels like it at the moment, because I've been a directionless bum - and enjoying it - for so damned long now.)

Somehow, though, this just isn't sitting comfortably with me at the moment. This doesn't feel like me. I should be a 'Third Door' kind of guy, dammit!


snopes said...

Congratulations, sir.

You know, of course, who you should take out to celebrate this news with.

omg said...

I don't know this snopes guy, but his subtle prompting entertains me.

So, Congratulations! (Right?)

"I appear to have accepted the offer.

I still can't quite believe that I have done so."

Believe it or not, I experienced something very similar yesterday. And immediately felt sick afterwards and spent the rest of the afternoon in a state of "what did I just do?"

I hope your experience will be a good one!

earthling said...

As someone who has said no to many many "good" jobs and has stopped working at places after only one day, three days or one month, I can say that I know the feeling all too well!!!!!!!!!!

But hang in there, for the sake of all the good things that will come from it, hang in there.

Tulsa said...

I hope this isn't going to take away from your primary priority -- providing me with 2 continuous streams of entertaining reading material.

(OMG, Earthling, don't worry, I'm not that oblivious to other's momentous occasions. Congratulations have already been offered.)

Soooo, time for door number three, then? When will you see her next?

Froog said...

Congratulations to you too, OMG. Is there a fuller explanation on your blog? I haven't had a chance to check yet.

Snopes is a rotten tease, but he means well. Yes, yes, I'm working on it. The "opportune moment", you know.

Going out with Madame X is definitely another Second Door path. First Door, of course, is continuing my current celibacy - but with one or two small tweaks. Perhaps allowing myself the occasional random snog? Or else renouncing women altogether, so that I don't keep torturing myself with these thwarted infatuations.

The Third Door would be something far more improbable. Trying a gay fling with The Choirboy, maybe. Or renewing - and making a success of - my long-abandoned assault on the Trivia Queen. Or perhaps just asking Madame X to be an occasional mistress rather than a proper girlfriend. Something like that.

Yep, I'm just not a Third Door person when it comes to sex & love.

earthling said...

I'm sorry, was I supposed to say congrads???? Where are my MANNERS? Do normal real life manners rule on the blog as well?? Well I wouldn't have guessed that.

I really wish that someone would take the time to write such a hand-blog.

So when are we going to read a blog post about this Madam X? I feel unfairly treated as a non-Beijing based commenter. I don't know anything about this mystery lady.

Froog said...

You don't know anything about Madame X - ah, neither does anyone else. I am nothing if not discreet.

earthling said...

I always knew you were a gentleman!! But I'll never know just from reading what you write.

Tulsa said...

Discretion is a virtue not practiced often enough and one I fear most Gen- Y'ers were born without.

I can attest to Froog's current discretion about his current adoration. Neither I nor others I know in Beijing who know him are privy to her identity.

any chance we'll hear more about this Trivia Queen?

Froog said...

More about the Trivia Queen? No, that would be indiscreet of me.

Just another one of the many, many foreign women I have met here in Beijing who appear to have liked me but.... have then been "too busy" to come out on a date - or even to return my calls and text messages - for months on end (and have then probably still been peeved and mystified that I eventually "lost interest"). It is a strange & sad Beijing phenomenon, and one of the main reasons why I have come to accept celibacy as my natural state of being over the last few years.

A diligent search might uncover the Trivia Queen's identity.... but I don't think even Tulsa is that diligent.

Tulsa said...

not about the person.

i meant about the relationship.

you've talked rather freely about all your other relationships, so far.

but, since you bring it up, I suppose I could go out looking for her (this is Beijing, I'm sure I'd eventually run into her without making any effort and could put two and two together), but what would be the point? I'm interested in your stories, not hers!!!

But, I guessed you've just provided us with the executive summary of your "relationship" with her, now.