Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Playing with the switches....

The Kafka Boys are still playing silly buggers with our Internet here. Or at least, they were yesterday.

On Monday morning, shortly after the Boys arrived back at work - after a weekend of dreaming fondly of what new irritations they might inflict on the country's netizens - Blogspot was unblocked (again). Blogger, however, was blocked in its stead.

Except..... that they forgot about me! I had remained logged on to Blogger throughout the weekend, and that connection was still in place, unaffected by whatever new filter they had implemented down at Kafka Central. All I had to do, it seemed, was to leave my computer permanently switched on, permanently connected to the Net..... and I would be able to thumb my nose at the dratted Kafka Boys. Yes, I was really rather looking forward to the prospect of being the last person in the country who could use Blogger.

But then, the Kafka Boys tired of their little game, and unblocked Blogger again in the afternoon. At the moment - after two weeks of teeth-gnashing and scouring the Internet for hacker tips to bypass the blockade - we have 'normal service' once again.

They really were just twiddling all the knobs for the hell of it. "Now, I wonder what this one does...."

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Anonymous said...

How do you know this stuff so quickly? could it be possible that your are even more obsessive than me?

How could you not be a lawyer? you have all the tendencies