Sunday, January 14, 2007

The long dark teatime of the soul

Another Douglas Adams line, of course (the title of one of his 'Dirk Gently' books, in fact).

This time of year is apt to get rather depressing. I try to focus on the positive: the evenings are starting to draw out again quite quickly now. Spring will be here in a couple of months or so.

But for now.... it's dark when I get up in the morning. It's dark well before dinner time. It's dark when I come home from work (on those - increasingly rare, it seems - days when I work). Dark, dark, dark. Gawd, it's getting me down.

And today we had one of those chill, misty days where the sky is a claustrophobic shell of dull whitish-grey clay. The sun didn't bother showing up until the middle of the afternoon - by which time I had resigned myself to another day of brain-shrivelling and underpaid toil at the keyboard. (The scientific editing job, I'm beginning to think, was a mistake!)

Anticipating how ferociously boring this task would be, I did procrastinate heroically through the first half of the day. But now, at last, it is done. Except that I can't return the bloody file because my Internet connection - at least on my main e-mail account - is still slow. SLOW. SLOW! Slow as a geriatric snail on flypaper!! SSSSLLLOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!

Another favourite Douglas Adams line:
"I love deadlines. I particularly like the whoooshing noise they make as they fly past!"

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