Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A final Website of the Month recommendation

I was so worn out by my tribulations with my computer over the weekend (and bloody Dell still haven't replied to the two e-mail queries I eventually managed to address to them - bastards!) that I succumbed to an horrendous cold (and/or mysterious allergy; basically, I get sick as a dog whenever I step outside - it appears that I have finally become allergic to Beijing!), and spent the whole of yesterday in bed recovering. I then had to spend most of this morning finishing off a couple of big writing projects that I should have attended to at the end of last week (if I'd had a working computer). So, I haven't been able to do anything yet to address the backlog of 'farewell posts' I had planned for my last week or so of blogging. I will endeavour to sort that out over the next few days.

However, to keep you all entertained in the interim - and in the long empty future that stretches ahead of you without any Froogville or Barstool Blues to lighten your day - I give you... Bored Panda, surely the best compiler of miscellaneous stuff on the Internet. I discovered this site about 18 months ago, and have been behind with my work ever since!

Recent highlights have included a selection from Canadian photographer Fran├žois Brunelle's disconcerting series of portraits of uncanny lookalikes who are not related to one another, a dazzling collection of photographs of spiral staircases, some examples of the amazing work that Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto produces with salt, this photo essay on Amazon warehouses (think of the final scene of Citizen Kane, amplified a few thousand times), or these aerial photographs by Klaus Leidorf, or, just a little further back, this collection of self-portraits by American artist Bryan Lewis Saunders (painted on successive days, each under the influence of a different drug!).

And to get you in the holiday spirit, they've just posted some charming winter landscape shots like this...

... and a fun selection of creative Christmas decorations, such as these...

And if you're still looking for gift ideas, how about these shark socks (made by Linda Grossman, the Tsarina of Tsocks)?

You see what I mean? Hours and hours and hours and hours of distraction! 

You'll never notice that I'm gone.


JES said...

Oh gods oh gods oh gods... What's the Internet equivalent of "sticking my fingers in my ears, shutting my eyes, and singing La-la-la-la-la-la..."? Because I REALLY need that gimmick now.

Froog said...

Sorry. I wondered if I should have put a warning at the top: NOT for JES or Moonie!

But that probably would have been counter-productive, wouldn't it?

I hope you'll find some whiskey river friday inspiration on there.