Sunday, December 09, 2012

A final 'Poetry Sunday'

Or perhaps a penultimate one; I haven't quite decided yet.

I haven't posted anything of my own for ever such a long time (crikey - nearly a year-and-a-half, it seems!), so I thought I ought to dig out one last piece before I go. This one, although not particularly new, seems especially appropriate to my state of mind just now.

I have in the past tended to over-analyse these little scribblings of mine, or at any rate to over-explain the background circumstances which prompted them. This time, I'll just leave you to ponder it on your own.

The road

The road is not open
except in the hopeful heart,
the self-deceiving mind.
Not open at all, but closed on all sides,
hemmed in by fences, ditches,
cliffs and precipices,
scary dark forests and farmer's fields
you hesitate to trespass on;
shut off behind
by the past you're trying to escape;
blocked ahead
by another town
just like the one you left.
Going down a road
only brings the world on faster,
brings its confines closer to you,
narrows your possibilities
to the tyranny of destination,
to inevitable arrival.
The only thing to do
is be like the rabbit, the hedgehog:
Make your stand
in the middle of the road,
heedless, unmoving,
staring towards the far horizon,
waiting for the things
that move towards you.


JES said...

Whatever else this might "mean," I do see in it a metaphor for blogging nowadays.

Froog said...

It's a metaphor for everything. Unfortunately.