Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Picks of the Month

Reviewing the posts from three years ago this month was a bit of a depressing exercise this time, because I was reminded that September 2009 was a month of utterly disgusting weather - the warm autumn sunshine we usually get displaced by a neverending August of soupy humidity and pollution - and morbid preoccupation with the looming 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the founding of the PRC. This September is threatening to be similarly drab and oppressive: the awful summer sultriness - which usually breaks promptly at the start of the month, and occasionally by mid-August if we're really lucky - is still obstinately hanging around.

Anyway, September 2009 was a month of restricted - and mostly very glum - posting. Nevertheless, I will stick to my tradition of resurrecting a couple of picks of the best.

On Froogville I nominate In the not too distant future..., a post from the very beginning of the month. It's a humorous observation on Internet culture which is in fact one of my favourite posts ever - but seems to have garnered no attention whatsoever.

On Barstool Blues the choice is even more limited, but I think I'll go for You know you've been in Beijing too long... (god! I was saying this three years and more ago!), a funny piece of dialogue between myself and a favourite barmaid.

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Froog said...

Well, at least the skies cleared after some heavy showers at the weekend. Daytime highs are now barely above 80F, and mostly feel a lot cooler than that, thanks to some fresh breezes, mostly out of the north-west.

However, the humidity is still sticking between 20% and 30%, which, although a blessed relief after the 80%+ we suffered through most of the last fortnight, is still not insignificant. And it's tending to spike much higher overnight. We got a brief spell of nearly 100% humidity just after dawn on Monday, which woke me up and sent me whimpering to my air-con remote control. The next two nights weren't that bad, but still a bit too clammy to sleep without the air-conditioning.

Gorgeous skies and pleasant temperatures seem to suggest that autumn is now emphatically here; but the awful summer humidity is still dragging its heels just a little, and creating the fear that it might yet return in earnest.