Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My HATRED of my bank grows...

I needed to pick up a wedge of cash to pay to my landlord yesterday, so I made a big detour to take me past the cashpoint of my bank. (There is only one that I know of in the entire city. And although my bank is supposedly a signatory to reciprocal arrangements with all the other major banks for sharing of cashpoint services, in practice the cashpoints of other banks always seem to be very reluctant to give me any money on this card... and probably charge me an arm and a leg if they do! So, I was rather keen to try and use my bank's own cashpoint, if I could.)

The cashpoint in question is inside the building which houses my bank. All the signs advertising it are - rather confusingly - outside. But the cashpoint is inside the building.

And the building, I discovered to my surprise, closes up at 5pm. Not even 5.30 or 6pm, mind you, but 5pm.

I found this flabbergasting. It's a large building that is home to several other offices as well as my bank - how on earth can it be shutting up shop so early in the day? And most buildings of this kind manage to keep their lobbies open till late in the evening - particularly when there are facilities like cashpoints in them.

This was a very, very prompt 5pm closure too. I got there no more than a minute or two after the appointed time, and found the building emptied, all the doors locked, and a surly security guard pacing up and down in front of the main entrance.

I can't believe how much BEA sucks! Even their cashpoint is f***ing useless!!  I really must change banks.

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