Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Fantasy Girlfriend - Suzanne Vega

I am particularly susceptible to the charm of a woman's voice, especially a woman's singing voice, and so singers are often among the leading contenders for inclusion in this series; I've previously done posts here in praise of Margo Timmins and Liz Phair. I don't know how I've gone so long without adding the exquisite Suzanne Vega to the list. Well, I have celebrated her over on my other blog, Barstool Blues, adding her songs Gypsy and Caramel to my 'Great Love Songs' series; but now it's time to honour her here as well.

Of course, I always maintain that it is qualities of mind and character that attract me to a woman rather than her appearance, although Suzanne's high cheekbones and flame-red hair certainly enhance her appeal for me. However, it is the quality of her songwriting, and the intelligence and sensitivity she exudes in her interviews and her writing (check out her contributions to the Measure for Measure series, a blog on the craft of songwriting which the New York Times ran a few years ago), that really beguile me. That, and her vigorous involvement in numerous worthy causes, such as Amnesty International. And the poise, dignity, and gentle humour she displays in her live performances. And the flame-red hair.

It's hard to choose one song of hers to complete this post; she has so many good songs. Her Blood Makes Noise, a rather creepy piece about hypochondria with a ridiculously hooky bassline, has long been a favourite of mine.

But so has this, the quietly beautiful Tired Of Sleeping.

And I suppose I'll never be your Maggie May would be the most appropriate way to round this off, her polite-but-firm rebuff to a younger man's adulation.

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