Friday, September 14, 2012

Haiku for the week

Time equals distance,
Weight equals time. Road seems longer
For the fat runner.

I am - slowly, hesitantly, painfully - getting back into an almost-daily jogging habit. But I am finding it difficult to 'zone out' for extended periods as I used to be able to do, to run without fretting about the energy expended or the distance left to cover. I am so overweight at the moment that I am made acutely aware of distance. Even stretches of my regular route that used to seem negligible, mere hundreds of yards, now appear rather daunting; the longer sections batter my spirit with their endlessness. Familiar pieces of road actually look longer to my eyes now; and it is depressing, strength-sapping.

It is going to be mighty hard to wrap my head around the idea of undertaking a marathon again.

But such is my ambition. I'm just going to need to shed 10 or 12kg first.

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