Saturday, September 29, 2012

Film List - More Posters

Six months ago, I did a post on some striking posters that I'd dreamed of buying for myself when I was a boy or in my later teens (but never in fact acquired). In the course of researching that, I turned up quite a few more rather memorable designs. Here is a selection.

One of my favourite Westerns.... Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars.

It was only in the last few days that I unearthed this poster for Richard C. Sarafian's Vanishing Point, one of the most memorable of my early experiences in the cinema.

Here is one for Terence Malick's debut picture Badlands: not a great poster (I would have preferred a photo still rather than this over-lurid painting), but the film has a special place in my heart - one of several that I first saw as a boy, late on a Sunday night on BBC2, in their occasional seasons of modern American cinema that was considered too edgy and disturbing to appeal to a wide audience.

Brian De Palma's Scarface was perhaps the most iconic film of my undergraduate days.

And Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, of course, has spawned a lot of great artwork. This was the classic poster we mostly saw in Britain.

But I rather like this one as well. (I'm pretty sure I have seen this used in promotion for the film; but the only version I can find online at the moment is this text-free one.)

Doug Liman's Swingers was another classic from around that era (odd to think that Vince Vaughan has been a star for over fifteen years now!).

And among more recent releases, I particularly liked the self-deprecating joke in this promo for The Simpsons Movie.

Gosh, I still have quite a lot more of these I'd like to share with you; but I think this is enough for now.

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