Thursday, August 30, 2012

And worse and worse and worse....

Yesterday, Blogger impetuously deleted all of my scheduled posts from here on Froogville. There were quite a lot of them, as I had spent several hours preparing in advance my 'Bon mot for the week' series for the rest of the year. And, of course, bloody Blogger has NO CUSTOMER FEEDBACK mechanism, so I can't get any help from them on this bizarre and evil glitch. All they have - which is just even more annoying - is an invitation to set up a BBS forum on your problem; since this is almost impossible for me to find my way back to, I am fairly damn certain that no-one else is going to see it or contribute a solution. [Still, I suppose it could have been even worse. During my summer vacation, I was sometimes preparing nearly all posts for a week or two ahead, to cover for periods of no Internet connectivity, including a bunch of music posts over on The Barstool - which sometimes take hours to compile, just for one post!]

Then my cable TV feed froze.

Now, Yahoo Mail has gone down (for quite an extended period, even though I'm now - finally - on my VPN, and thus getting a more stable, less interfered-with connection).

I have so much SHIT to deal with at the moment that I actually made a to-do list this morning (something I usually hate). Most of the items on it were complaints or fixing problems: three different banks and an international money transfer service and my VPN provider and Microsoft and Dell were due to be on the receiving end of my wrath. But all of that's rather on hold while I have no f***ing e-mail!

Oh yeah, and my printer just died.

Icing on the cake - we're suffering a late resurgence (hopefully a last gasp!) of the smoggy 90% humidity that blights most of the Beijing summer (but is usually dissipating by late August).... so, I haven't been able to sleep much either for the last few days. 

There's nothing for me to do at home, but it's too sweaty and polluted to think of setting foot outside. Oh, it's LOVELY to be back in Beijing, all right!!!


JES said...

Holy cow. This was almost physically painful to read.

Froog said...

I hope it was the situation rather than the writing that made you wince.

JES said...

Oh, I love your writing no matter what you're saying. DEFINITELY the situation.