Sunday, July 01, 2012

Nearly done...

After nearly 24 days, the end of the 2012 European Football Championships is at last at hand. (Go here if you want to ridicule - or be awed by! - my perspicacity in attempting to analyse who was likely to win, and why.)

I first posted this Fast Show clip a couple of years ago, but I can't resist putting it up again now - because it does so beautifully encapsulate what a warm place football holds at the core of childhood memory for so many of us who grew up in England in the 1970s.

And here's a further little dollop of nostalgia, a clip of the BBC Saturday late-evening football highlights show Match of the Day, with its oh-so-evocative theme music. (This is apparently the opening show from the 1970-1971 season - still in black & white! - and the first time that the famous tune was used.)


Harvster said...

Love that tune! And like your new "like" function. Although I did read an article recently that suggested that one should always comment on a social networking post that one liked rather than just liking it.

Froog said...

I think it was me that said that.

I have only just had Net access restored, after 36 hours or more of disruption caused by the big storm in the DC area on Friday evening. Shouldn't complain too much: the British Cowboy's half of the street is the only group of houses for a mile or two in any direction which didn't lose its electricity.