Friday, June 08, 2012

The weekly haiku

Forgotten colour:
Well-watered lushness everywhere,
Effusions of green.

I am stunned, speechless with wonderment at the beauty of the English countryside in the early summer. In drab, dust-choked, almost grass-less Beijing - across most of northern China, in fact; all of it is a dustbowl these days - we have lost this sense of rapture, grown unfamiliar with the ravishing verdancy of a thriving rural environment. Rediscovering it is almost too powerful a joy, it overwhelms the senses, exhausts the heart.


Froog said...

Yes, I know, syllable count...

JES said...

The difference in your frame of mind since returning to the sceptr'd isle has been remarkable to watch. I still don't quite understand what your mid- to long-term plans might be (not that I need to!) -- whether you might return to China, or try the move elsewhere you've occasionally talked about (South America, Central/Eastern Europe...). But for now, your head seems clearer of the cruft of discontent than I think I've ever (virtually) seen it.

Froog said...

The 'cruft of disconent' is always there; I think I was born with it.

However, it is certainly invigorating to remove myself from all the SHIT that China unloads on you almost daily.

'Plans', medium or long term, are a vexed question. I am broke, middle-aged, and have a terribly ragged CV. Finding worthwhile employment is a challenge that almost invariably defeated me when I was young and confident and energetic. Now, I fear, it is an utterly hopeless quest.