Friday, June 22, 2012

Haiku for the week

Whisper of the rain,
A soothing voice in the night.
What is it saying?

I am getting used to this almost constant rain. I find it very restful, most of the time. But late at night, on the margin between sleeping and waking, the conviction that there is pattern, meaning in the sound can become bothersome.


JES said...

In the house in which I grew up, my parents' bedroom had been painted or otherwise finished in a sort of texture which created exactly that sense of sensory discombobulation.

Froog said...

At my German grandmother's house on the south coast, where I spent most of my summer holidays when a very young child, there was a cheap reproduction of Van Gogh's Cornfield on the bedroom wall. That will seriously mess with your head when you're a three-year-old insomniac.

JES said...

Not the one with the crows?!?

Although now that I think about it, almost any Van Gogh could inflame a wee one's imagination in mostly unhealthy ways.

Froog said...

I don't remember crows. Just lots of SWIRLING.