Friday, June 01, 2012

Haiku for the week

Blue skies seem endless,
Light breezes soften the heat -
A perfect summer.

I am being spoiled by the weather back in England. I'm told it was extremely wet back at the end of March, freakishly cold for almost the whole of April, and drab and changeable through much of May. Things took a dramatic change for the better only a couple of days before I flew back, but it has been just balmy ever since.

It was like this in Beijing for most of May, especially in the last week before I left, but... it was occasionally threatening to get a bit too warm (it's probably only been 5 degrees Fahrenheit or so less here, but that feels decidedly cool by comparison; weedy English folks occasionally complain about the heat and I scoff at them!). And the air quality was still fairly appalling, of course. In rustic Oxford, the pollution is almost zero. I can feel myself getting healthier day by day. I'm starting to think that within 5 or 6 months I might have recovered 80% or 90% of my lost lung function.

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