Friday, May 25, 2012

I thought you were dead!

I was briefly confused on discovering last week that I had received a payment into my bank account from 荣格, Rong Ge. Then it occurred to me that this might be the 'Chinese name' for Ringier, the publishing company for whom I had done a little freelance writing a while back.

For reasons which escape me, Rong Ge is also the 'Chinese name' for the illustrious Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. [The auto-translate tool on my cyberbanking webpage kindly informed me of this. That's as far as 'English language service' goes with most Chinese banks as yet; such transaction details as get recorded for you at all are entirely in Chinese.]

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John said...

Wonder what they'd make of pronouncing our Eurovision hopeful's name this year? You have such great timing Froog, it's on tomorrow; welcome home!
Oh, it's Engelbert Humperdinck in case you really, really couldn't give a flying...