Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your lupins or your life!

The other week, a passing reference to 義匪 (yi fei, the Chinese for 'righteous bandits', and the 200th contribution to my Invent A Name For A Rock Band thread) reminded me of this classic Monty Python skit about the idealistic but inept highwayman Dennis Moore. It's a rather more sustained and coherent piece than most of their silliness, a full 10 minutes of continuous story. I remember it being one of my favourite bits of Python when I first saw the show as a young child; I found it one of the most bladder-bustingly funny things I'd ever seen. I'd probably only seen it two or three times, and nearly 40 years ago now, but I found I could still remember almost every detail of it. And it still makes me very nearly piss myself.

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