Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'Like' me!


An old university buddy - somewhat younger, part of the quick-click generation - was suggesting the other week that I "needed" - needed, mind you! - a 'Like' button at the foot of my blog posts, so that indolent readers could express their appreciation of my efforts without needing to bother writing anything in the 'comments'.

I was disdainful of the idea. However, disdain lost out to curiosity as to whether it was in fact possible to install such a feature on the Blogger platform. (It turns out it's not possible on my other blog, Barstool Blues, because of an apparent incompatibility with the blog template I use over there. Although this may perhaps be just a temporary glitch; I'm sure The Barstool used to display all of those other similar widgets for 'sharing on Twitter' and other such nonsense, but they seem to have disappeared at the moment. Strange. Blogger is perpetually out to get me!)

Harvster, are you still out there? I hope you're grateful. You'd better start 'liking' posts (and 're-tweeting' them and whatever) with a feverish devotion... or I shall discontinue this populist experiment.

[I had thought perhaps I should provide a 'Dislike' option as well; but that might be tempting Fate - and the fenqing - a little too much...]


John said...

I like cheese but I don't see an option to Tweet that on the packets.

Froog said...

Oh, just wait a while. That RFID technology is growing all the time.