Friday, March 16, 2012

Band naming is BACK!

A frivolous conversation a week ago inspired me to make an effort to revive the infamous Band Names Game (the most popular feature ever over on The Barstool... but that was four years ago).

I hadn't had much expectation of success in this venture, but... things are looking quite promising this week, with a number of the former regulars re-entering the fray. We've already enjoyed such memorable band name suggestions as Meatmonkey, The Plural Noun Formula, Hydroxylamine (Ukrainian techno?!), Machete Don't Text, Climate of Denial, The Tearful Zombies, One Nation Army, The Circular Arguments, Zen and the Art of Unicycle Maintenance, Walt's Frozen Head, Entourage Of One, and my own Llama-rama. (We still await - with a mixture of hope and trepidation - the possible reappearance of The Bookseller....)

Keep 'em coming, folks. Follow this link to share your band name ideas.

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