Friday, February 03, 2012

I simply don't believe it!

One of the things that had been starting to get me down the most about my last apartment was the constant intrusion of unwelcome noise from my musical neighbours - music that was often not even very well played (the curse of compulsory piano lessons for the little emperors and empresses), was almost always tiresomely repetitive, and always gallingly inopportune in its timing (just as I was trying to take a snooze, or watch the early evening news...).

One of the things I've been enjoying most about my new apartment is the absence of this annoyance - indeed, the uncanny absence of any noise at all from any of my neighbours.

But this morning, the neighbour on the kitchen side has started banging away on an upright piano, and it is VERY annoying indeed. Very LOUD. And, yes, very, very, very repetitive.

I am hoping that it is their child, and that he or she will soon be back at school.

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