Friday, February 17, 2012

Haiku for the week

Not slavery itself
But pointless orders oppress,
Masters' stupidity.

Spending a third of your life working wouldn't be so bad, if you didn't have to take instructions from other people about how to do it.


Froog said...

Yes, I know, this is 6-7-6.

The spirit of the thing is more important than strictness of form.

Actually, these little weekly japeries of mine are not consonant with the true spirit of the Japanese genre either. Maybe I should try to get back to that, reimpose a bit more discipline. Some of my early ones were a lot more faithful to the original inspiration, but I've diverged from that rather.

JES said...

Haha. Yes, that's the sort of occasion for which the old masters would cheat, amending (e.g.) "slavery" to "slav'ry." (The last line more problematic.)

For a very brief time, a couple-three decades ago, I was going through the motions with poetry. Apostrophes*, I thought, were my best friends.


* Inverted commas, not figures of speech!

Gary said...

I think we all hear that. You should put this on a tee shirt.

Froog said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Gary. That could indeed be my 'million-dollar idea'!