Saturday, January 07, 2012

The warmest place to hide?

You may already have seen this, since it seems to have become one of the first big viral hits of the year on the Internet; but, having nothing else much to blog about on this dull, snowy Saturday morning, I thought I'd share it with you.

A young Brit called Lee Hardcastle (from Leeds, I suspect; although I'm becoming very inexpert at accent differentiation as a result of my diminished exposure over the past decade-and-a-half) makes rather fine, nicely grotesque 'claymation' shorts in a home studio. His latest effort is a two-minute distillation of John Carpenter's horror classic The Thing - rendered with Pingu characters. [Loyal readers may remember that I have a particular affinity for the cute penguin.]

This is surely one of the best calling cards ever made, and I fully expect young Mr Hardcastle to be working with Nick Park or Tim Burton quite soon. Check out more of his stuff on his website or his YouTube account.

Alas, it also seems likely that this video will get pulled quite quickly for infringing the Pingu copyright. So, enjoy it while you can. [Ah, yes, Lee's original posting got squelched very quickly. But it has now been re-posted by others.]


Gary said...

Oh my god! Give this man an oscar.


Froog said...

Ah, I knew it! Surprised it lasted two weeks, really.

I hope you enjoyed it while you could.