Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Fantasy Girlfriend - Isobel Lang

I usually attempt to disown the idea of having any particular type of woman that I am especially susceptible to, but...  Well, yes, there are certain common factors in the women who most appeal to me, namely - being clever, elegant, tall... and having red hair (I just can't help myself; I think it must be a foible I've inherited from my Irish ancestors).

These desirable attributes have perhaps never been better combined than in the person of the lovely Isobel Lang, who burst upon British TV screens in the mid-1990s as a new BBC weather presenter. I'd never previously made a point of catching the forecasts every day, but Isobel had soon transformed my viewing habits. (I gather she's now moved to Sky, which is a rather less prestigious home, but - hopefully - a much higher paying one.)

I think she made a guest appearance once on the motoring show Top Gear, wherein I discovered that she owns a Morgan - a gorgeous hand-built retro sports car. It was the +4 model, if I remember correctly.

Beautiful, intelligent, and has good taste in cars?? Swoon...


Winthrop said...

Did she have mumps or just look that way?

JES said...

I don't know if it's still active or not, but there used to be a Web site called something like "Women of The Weather Channel." Apparently it's a whole sub-genre of male longing.

She looks rather like Cynthia Nixon, no?

...and I just found this page, which should lead you to many happy hours of Googling for redheads (especially since that's just the A-L entries).

Froog said...

How dare you, Mr Winthrop! Mumps, indeed!

It is not, perhaps, the most flattering picture in the world. But we get rather too used to heavily retouched photographs of supermodels, and so forget what run-of-the-mill pictures of regular people look like.

Froog said...

On the Beeb, at least, female weather presenters have been relatively few and far between, and none of them, as far as I can recall, striking attractive.

It is rather different on the satellite channel to which Ms Lang has defected, I understand. But I'd never watch that tosh.

Middle Man said...

Lucy Verasamy for me!