Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Card from China

[This image was made by an artist called El Darko.]


John said...

Merry Christmas brother Froog, to you and yours!
Thanks for the entertainment, the unique insight into a crazy country and most of all the way you're always able to put exactly into words my similar sentiments on China when I so often struggle to do so. If I want to explain to someone why such things Chinese are so I know I can always forward them to a post on Froogville.
Here's also to 2012 (and whatever that is in the lunar calendar), have a very happy New Year!

Gary said...

Ditto, Froog.

You make me feel like I am back in Beijing again. All of the fascination and humor without the pollution.

A prosperous Year of the Dragon to you.

JES said...

I just got a new smartphone last week. Somewhat against my better judgment, or what's left of it: the days when I hated the idea of being tethered to people just by voice aren't that long ago, y'know? But then I got the Blackberry a couple years ago -- the prospect of 24x7 Internet access sucked me in -- and it was downhill from there...

Anyhow, this new phone gives me access to all these interesting photo-effects apps, to take advantage of the phone's built-in smarts (and, of course, a hi-res camera). I'd just spent a leisurely hour roaming through these programs' capabilities, and strange instant-filter effects, but now this post of yours makes me wonder if I should look for something to turn plain old photos into bichromatic-flat posters.

Froog said...

I have seen an app that "Warholizes" photos, JES. That's quite fun.

Thanks for the good wishes, gentlemen. It's a pleasure to have you along for the ride.

Yes, Year of the Dragon - I wonder what that will bring?