Friday, November 11, 2011

The weekly haiku

Each room’s full of hope,
Different futures unfurling,
New lives imagined.

Househunting I find exhausting psychically even more than physically. 

Pounding the streets, fielding contradictory phone calls from dippy agents, pounding the streets some more, enduring countless cancelled or rescheduled viewing appointments – yes, that’s all very wearing. But the thing that really takes it out of me is finding a place I quite like and then agonising over whether or not to take it. As with job prospects, I am soon picturing myself in place, conjuring a possible new life for myself. There is a danger of becoming too emotionally invested in a prospect that’s not going to come to fruition. There is a danger, too, of the place that I do finally plump for proving to be a disappointment, falling short of my fond expectations.

I’ve seen several tempting places, but none that are quite right….


Hopfrog said...

The real problem is that no matter where you end up... there you are, running into yourself.... and China.

Froog said...

I don't mind running into myself. It's good to have someone you can rely on around.

China, on the other hand, I could do with a lot less of right now...

Hopfrog said...

Lol, I should have put it, running into yourself IN China. Seems not even an idyllic change of setting is going to turn China, or you being IN China, into something you will be satisfied with.

Froog said...

Well, you know, I had a really nice time back in August visiting some back-woodsy places I don't normally go to.

Circumstance and attitude play such a big part in the experience. I still have days where I just love being in Beijing. They're a lot rarer than they used to be, unfortunately. But they still happen.