Friday, November 18, 2011

Haiku for the week

Clutter fills the room
It will take hours to empty
A life in boxes

Moving day.

The packing is done. It was more or less done with 40 hours in hand, but…. the packing process is the ultimate exemplar of Parkinson’s lawthe work expands to fill the time available. Last-minute ‘tidying up’ chores consumed the whole of yesterday, and are still not yet quite done only an hour or so before the moving men are due to show up.

My present landlord, alas, has just gone all uncommunicative on me. So, I don’t know if he has informed the building management that it’s “OK” for me to move out. And hence, there is a danger of an angry confrontation between the moving men and my gate guards in an hour. This is a depressingly common scenario for laowai, but I don’t know that it ever happens to Chinese tenants.


Anonymous said...

A simple request for pics of the new place once you are somewhat settled.

Anonymous said...

oh god. miseryyy. yesterday was moving day for me, too. i nearly did myself serious injury with a boxcutter. as it is i slashed one wrist half-way open (whoops) split a thumbnail on the other hand. clumsy people + physical projects = comic deadly adventures.

Froog said...

WDYM, I think you're creating new movie concepts there, in the manner of Snakes On A Plane.

I hope that wrist-slashing wasn't as bad as it sounds.

HF, patience, patience. The issue is not whether I have a workable digital camera (not a very good one, but I do have), but whether I will have home Internet access..... ever again.