Monday, November 28, 2011

Cruel and unusual

Having just moved into a new apartment, I am making rather too much use of the 7/11 just down the street. I haven’t stocked my larder very fully yet, I’m too exhausted by the cleaning-and-unpacking process to fancy cooking much anyway, and I haven’t yet had time to suss out the more substantial eating and shopping options in my new neighbourhood. So, I find myself dropping into the 7/11 a couple of times a day to stock up on basic household items (toothpaste, shampoo) or for impulsive snackage (potato salad, Garibaldi biscuits).

What turns welcome convenience into excruciating torment is the fact that they’re going so overboard on Christmas this year. They’re advertising a range of special items, including Christmas cakes, chocolate Yule logs, and what appears to be a 5kg hamburger.

And they’re already playing a tinny Christmas muzak selection in there - very loud, around the clock.

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