Monday, November 14, 2011


After three weeks of anguished househunting, I’ve chosen a new place to live next year.

I saw four places that were ‘contenders’: a quiet pingfang that was just a bit too far from the subway (but dangerously close to my favourite bar!) and gave me concerns about my privacy (I’ve never lived on the ground floor before); a hutong rooftop pad (huge roof terraces, but a bit small, and too far from subway), a penthouse duplex (exhilaratingly expansive, but a tad too expensive), and… the one I’ve actually plumped for: similar to where I live now, but a bit more airy, and with a large terrace.

It’s 2,000 a month more than I’m currently paying, 500 a month more than I wanted to pay, and probably at least 1,000 a month more than I can afford.

But it’s got satellite TV – that could well save me 1,000 a month!


Tony said...

Sounds good; best wishes for the move.

Froog said...

Thanks, Tony.

The move - or the packing for the moving - will be a major source of anxiety for this week.